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I now have a site for my violin music. Please just click on the link and it will take you there.
  • This is my music page! I am a professional violinist who plays many different styles of music. I play for weddings, parties, and many other social occasions. I will continuely update this page. I have just started this page so bear with me. At the age of 7 1/2 years old I started learning the violin. By the age of 8 I was performing on the stage with folks from the Grand Ole Opry. This is why it comes in handy to have a bluegrass festival, practically in your back yard. By the age of 12 I had become quite accomplished classically and went with the Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp International Orchestra to Europe. We toured Switzerland, Holland, Germany, and Belgium. All through out my junior high and high school years I won many awards, through Scottish music and in school with classical music. I was an All Star of Michigan, and went to All State at Interlochen. I won many awards at open competitions for Scottish music, and then when I went to Nationals. Through out college I was in different orchestras. I was concertmaster of the Central Michigan University Orchestra for a few years. I performed in the Alma College Orchestra as a paid member of the community. The Midland symphony orchestra hired me on to play with them. Now that I have graduated I continue to pursue my career in music and art. I am currently in the Midland Symphony for the 2nd year. I do weddings, etc. on the side, and teach. I usually do a half hour or hour before wedding, the songs in the wedding, and then recessional. If you have a certain kind of music you would like me to play then contact me and we will see if we can work it out. Usually classical is preferred and there are many standards I have in my repertoire. I have done medieval weddings with 13th century Scottish music, general weddings, etc. LET ME KNOW ... that is all you have to do.